Thursday, June 2, 2011


i have been m.i.a. lately. i haven't blogged since last week and it feels weird, i kinda miss this. but just wanted to check in here and say a quick hello. i have been celebrating my anniversary with raoul this weekend. it has been five incredible years of love with this man. its pretty amazing how our relationship has grown and keeps evolving each year. so to celebrate we have gone to the movies, out to eat, i went to one of raoul's shows this weekend, we took the kids to the beach, hung out with friends and went to a comedy club for the first time. the weekend has been jam packed with fun and tonight raoul has a show in orange county so we are staying with his mom in l.a. my little niko bee couldn't be happier, he is with his favorite person. grandma and niko have been busy coloring and playing outside. but he has also been acting up with me and its pretty frustrating.. luna is all over the place getting into all the things she shouldn't and i have been stuck on the casey anthony trial. i am completely sucked in to watching this case in the mornings.. but after i go  home tomorrow i know i won't keep up, partly because i don't have cable and also because the kids will not let me watch television in peace at home. this trial is something else though... one thing that makes me mad is that they keep asking the dumbest questions and wasting time. i know details are important in a murder case but come on! as soon as i get home i hope to be able to come back with a real blog post. how was your memorial weekend? i hope it was awesome. big hugs

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