Sunday, June 5, 2011


we woke up pretty hungry this morning... i made the kids pancakes with bananas and strawberries on the side. and for myself soyrizo and beans, chilaquiles with green salsa and rice topped with avocados and sour cream. its was pretty good but super filling. towards the end of my breakfast luna came over and ate the rest of my food. and she doesn't mind the tapatio either. luna sat on my lap with her poopy diaper and pretty much ruined it for me. i was no longer hungry. ha. raouls been out of town playing in san francisco and los angeles so theres no one to take a picture of me but trust me you don't want that picture.


Mommy Mi said...

Looks good! i want to try the Picture challenge.. I ate my bfast before I could take a snap :)

lizziedoesit said...

ha! fatso!
do it.. i just started yesterday!!

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