Tuesday, May 3, 2011


today was just a regular day.. nothing super exciting happened but it was probably the best day of my life. my mom spent the night because i had to pick up Papa at the airport really late last night and so we got to spend a little time together in the morning. after i dropped her off at work Luna and i went to run some errands and then came home. Later, i filled a box with some gifts i got for the kids and wrapped it with a paper bag from whole foods. i seem to end up with a couple of these paper bags too often since i forget my reusable grocery bags so much. but i do have a use for them paper bags, i like to wrap presents with that paper. On the way to the park we went to starbucks because raoul just had to have a mocha. and my love, sorry for not getting it frappuccino style, you just switched it up on me! although the kids are all boogered up (but not sick) they had a lot of fun with their goodies, i filled the box with vintage books, thumper book (1941) sesame street book (1971) coloring books and crayons, a new bath toy, and the cute little friend of Rainbow Brite's (forgot his name). i tried the cake pops from starbucks today and omg, i should have gotten 3 they're so yummy! Niko, Papa and I fought over the last bite and of course Niko just went for it and got the last piece. That Niko isn't fair sometimes :)
I am not sure if children's day or "Dia Del NiƱo" is celebrated here because Ive never heard of it being celebrated in America but its a good excuse for me to celebrate my kiddos and make their day extra special. My day sure was special. I wish every day was like today. xo Liz

We Are Wearing:
Papa: Shirt, from Mexico. Shorts, ?. Shoes, Ralph Lauren
Mama: Shirt, Foreign Exchange. Shorts, Target. Boots, Minnetonka. Sunglasses, Betsey Johnson
Niko: Shirt, Kenneth Cole. Shorts, Target. Shoes, Old Navy
Luna: Dress, Hema (Papa bought in Belgium). Shoes, H&M. Headband, Handmade.

p.s. there's only 3 more days left to vote! i could really use your help since i have fallen behind.
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Marcela said...

Great pictures! Looked like a lot of fun!

lizziedoesit said...

thanks! it was the greatest day ever! hugs!!

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