Monday, May 23, 2011


saturday we drove up to l.a. for a fun filled weekend, first stop was our friends daughter's birthday party. lili, the birthday girl was turning three and her birthday party was held at the peekaboo playland, the coolest place for parties! this place was an indoor playground with a jumper, slides, tree house, kitchen room, ball pit, a room with books, buggies, swords for pretend playing and tons other cool stuff for kids. the kids had a blast. this is really the best birthday party niko has been to because it really focuses on the kids having fun. we were there for two hours and after eating cake we drove to nikos favorite place, grandmas house. once the kids were settled with grandma, raoul and i went on a very much needed date. we had sushi and then watched the hilarious movie, bridesmaids. super funny. i am so glad the rapture didn't happen because it would of totally ruined our plans. (just kidding i never believed in that b.s.) hope your weekend was super fun too. i will be back tomorrow with sundays story. xo Liz

Luna wore: Dress, Coronado Handmade Fair. Sweater, Old Navy. Shoes, H&M. 
Niko wore: Jacket, Stella McCartney for Gap. Shirt, Op. Jeans, H&M. Shoes, Old Navy.
(i love that dress Luna is wearing, I bought it so long ago and so happy she fits into it now, although its still pretty big, i hope she can wear it for a while. the bottom part is made from a vintage pillow case and the top is a onesie with a handkerchief sewing to it. super cute.) 


Marcela said...

We love Peekaboo... really close to our home... I love swork coffee also...

lizziedoesit said...

oooh!! i need to go there next time im in town :)
my friend lives just a couple blocks away... theres a super delicious pizza place close to there too, and they deliver!!
the kids had a BLAST! so awesome!

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