Friday, April 29, 2011


a couple months ago we went up to Santa Barbara, Papa had to play there one night, a day after getting back from his Europe tour (that lasted 2 months!) and we also got to spend time with our super talented friends Manny and Kendall and their precious daughter Vivi, who is going to be two and LOVES to dance. Manny is a shoe designer and a dj and Kendall is a freelance graphic designer and incredible photographer. These pictures were taken by her, thank you so much Kendall! While we were up in Santa Barbara, we went to the beach (its only two blocks away from their home!) shopped and Kendall and I had a cool date. We went to a really delicious Italian restaurant and I don't think I've ever had pizza like that in my life. That pizza is the real deal, I think about it ALL THE TIME. Kendall was so kind to offer to babysit while Raoul and I went to dinner the night we got there too. We had a lovely dinner and it was so needed! We were there for two days and I really enjoyed my time there. Santa Barbara is a beautiful little town and our friends are two of the most amazing people. I admire their parenting ways, and that explains their super happy and healthy child. Looking at these pictures makes me so happy and that's what life is all about, happiness! I've been so blesses with a beautiful family, incredible friends, good healthy and we're so happy! Every day i remind myself of how incredibly lucky i am to have this life. Hope your weekend is full of HAPPINESS! xoxo Liz

you can visit Kendall's blog HERE, where she has some of her beautiful photos! 


Claudia Almandoz Gerbolini said...

hermoso! I love what you wrote about happiness. I promised myself I would never forget all I had to be thankful for the day my son go out of the hospital, but sometimes I do. It´s posts and comments like yours (thankyou by the way!) that help me keep my feet grounded... big abrazo! Clau

Marcela said...

Great pictures!!! That photo session looked like a lot of fun!!

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