Monday, April 25, 2011


i actually went on two walks today with the kids. first i took niko to the park and then luna and i went for a walk while niko napped (niko rarely naps!) maybe that's why its 10pm and he's still awake. usual bed time is about 7:30-8pm.. there is a european deli about 5 blocks away from home so i stopped there for milk, bananas, lemonade and gelato. this is some delicious home made gelato. they have a couple flavors but went with vanilla, you can't go wrong with vanilla :)
luna first went for the cookie, took a bite, crumbled it up and then we enjoyed sharing our gelato. we were one happy pair. on the way back home, she sang in the stroller. i just enjoy every single minute spent with my baby girl. she's my angel, a true gift from God.

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