Thursday, February 3, 2011


we have been so blessed to have so many hand-me downs for luna, its really amazing. my sisters have daughters a bit older than her so i love getting their previously loved clothes, its so cute and like one of my buds said "it's like the clothes has more soul, and then it makes you think about the people who wore them before". i haven't bought luna too much since she was born just whatever she really needs or whatever is way too cute. my sister handed down 4 pairs of Nike sneakers in very good condition, and they're all size 4 and so are a few other shoes she has. so because she has so many pairs of shoes in the same size, i decided to do a fun post with luna wearing a different pair of shoes each day of the week. it was fun picking out the outfits, like i did when i was in school and lined it up in my bedroom because i was conscience of what i wore and made sure i didn't wear it too often and that i mix matched my clothes. Today's outfit, Thursday one, was a mess. We went to see the ducks at a park near our friends house and Luna started crawling and got her pants dirty, (with duck poop) ew!  xo Liz
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Monday: Dress, Guess. Shirt, Old Navy. Shoes, Nike

Tuesday: Sweater, gift from our friends in Spain. Pants, Hello Kitty H&M. Shoes, Nike.

Wednesday : Sweater, H&M. Pants, Target. Shoes, H&M. 

Thursday: Sweater, Handmade from Ecuador. Pants, H&M. Shoes, Gift from Auntie Tassia. 

Friday: Shirt, Handed down from her cousin Giselle. Pants, Handed down too. Shoes, Nike.

Saturday: Dress, Hello Kitty H&M. Shoes, Reebok (gift from Deedee)

Sunday : Jacket, Old Navy. Sweater, Handed down from little Vivi. Shirt, Handed down from cousin Giselle. Dress, papa bought in Belgium. Shoes, Nike-Jordan. 

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