Saturday, February 12, 2011


i bought some stuff today! first this mid century leather couch at a vintage home furniture store near my home. i don't like leather but realisticly its best i get leather since my kids spill everything! my current couch has a funky smell that has built up over the past two years, thanks to Niko. then on my way home i spotted an estate sale sign  and of course followed it. i scored 4 pairs of the most comfortable (flat) shoes ive ever worn and they were $3 each! doesn't this couch look good to fart in, sit in? ive confused today with Sunday, so tomorrow will hopefully be more chilled out. ive been a busy bee all day! hope you're enjoying your weekend as much as i am! (my mom had the day off and she's been with me all day!) big hugs! liz

if you live in San Diego and you need new furniture, make sure to check out Nest Vintage, they have some rad stuff and new inventory every week!

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