Thursday, February 17, 2011


another good documentary is "the universe of keith haring". weird that i learned of keith haring through a book i bought for niko. because i want niko to learn and have an appreciation for art, i got him a couple of andy warhol's children's books. this book had a couple of different artists on it and its a touch and feel book, pretty cool. keith haring is another artist who died of aids. it makes me so sad that so many great people died because of that disease. what do i love most about keith haring? his activism and it shows in his art too. once the kids go to school, i do plan to join some non profit organizations and try to put my beliefs to work. hope your weeks been productive, it's almost friday! xoxo Liz

Keith Haring Documentary -Part 1
Keith Haring Documentary -Part 2

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