Sunday, January 9, 2011

the talk

as i have mentioned before i don't have a television anymore since my terrible two year old broke it. i ran into this show online (the talk) and watched so many clips from previous shows in a row. unlike "the view" these ladies keep it real. i love their personalities and i love that they have so many guests talking about ways to improve your parenting. i have a two and a half year old and i am not going to lie, it is so tough sometimes. my niko pushes me to the edge sometimes and its very hard to deal with his tantrums. i think of so many different ways to deal with him and i try it and sometimes nothing works but i guess thats why they call them the "terrible twos". if you're a mother, even if your kid's not a toddler, these are some good videos to watch. xoLiz 

tips on a toxic free home

teaching your kids to give

terrible twos advise 

childproofing your marriage

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