Friday, January 7, 2011


It's pretty hard to believe, even for myself old wives tales that don't make sense. Like, how did you figure that out kinda stuff but some do actually work. For instance, the egg white being rubbed behind the babies knees to help strengthen their legs so they can walk. To me it sounds super silly but my mom and aunt told me to try it with my son and as soon as I did he started walking. I told my mom "that's gross, I don't want my kids smelling like eggs!" but she said that was the yolk, the white doesn't smell, and she was right. So now that Luna is 11 months and not showing any signs of walking yet I decided to try it on her last week and the incredible thing is that she started standing on her crib right after I rubbed the egg white behind her knees, you know the part of the legs that folds? Well, it could also be coincidence but that's just too weird. Somehow somebody figured this one out and I gotta tell you, it worked for me twice! Now Luna stands all the time, on the edge of the couch, her crib and even uses me for support so she can stand up like a big girl. See her little face below. She's one proud little girl. "Hey, look at me! I can stand up and shake my butt to the music!" - Luna. I think that's what she was thinking... xoLiz 

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