Saturday, December 18, 2010


I caught Luna being naughty, getting into daddy's record collection. It's pretty huge and I really don't blame her. I think it's in her genes to love records so I think it's cute. I hope she has good taste in music when she gets older. So much of the new music is crappy who knows what future music is going to sound like. Luna is really into the keyboard we got at the swap meet too, it was only $3. Score! 
I found this dress at the Coronado craft fair a couple weeks ago. The bottom part of the dress is from a vintage pillow case and the top has a ladies handkerchief sewn in. Pretty creative ;) It will be one of Luna's Christmas gifts as I am not shopping at the mall this year. I am liking it and might make it a new rule. I love making rules. So this year I am supporting small and local businesses and not buying new plastic toys, only used and vintage. Can you dig it?  
Another cool present for Luna is this Vintage Fisher Price Two Tune TV. It's the original from 1966, found at the swap meet for only $5 and they reproduced it last year being sold everywhere now. I saw it at target but I'm glad I waited for the o.g. 

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