Friday, November 26, 2010

my 27th birthday

I just had such a wonderful time with my friends celebrating my 27th birthday!
Everything just fell into place. I didn't have a babysitter until Saturday morning. 
My friend Marisol's mom watched my kids. I had dinner reservations at 
Harney Sushi in Old Town at 10pm and then we headed over to Bar Dynamite. 
Our table was reserved for 8 people but 11 of us showed up at the restaurant. What can I say, we're Mexican.We are used to being cramped into small places. Dinner and drinks were delicious! I had the usual, Flaming Lip Roll and Sonomono salad. Usually, I drink a sweet cocktail called pink pussy cat but this time I went with everybody else's drink and had a cucumber martini.
I absolutely loved it! Of course Deedee had to spike my drink with some tequila too :)
After dinner we had a table reserved at Bar Dynamite and we danced to the best music EVER! The dj played a bunch of Motown classics, newer music like Diplo and Pharrell and then  back some hip hop classics like Biggie. We got a call that Luna wouldn't stop crying so we went and picked her up. Friends came over to Mari's house and I just went to bed around 3:30 after I went to put Luna down to sleep, I fell asleep with her. Sunday morning we went to get the kids, Niko and Sammy were playing having fun. Sammy is Niko's little girlfriend. She's 3 years old with a whole lot of attitude and Niko seems to dig it because yesterday morning he told my mom, "Sammy is hot".  I know this because I heard him say it while I was in the other room. I still don't know why he said that or how he meant it. It just seems too much for a 2 year old to say that. I don't think he meant it like that, but he sure did say it! Sunday was my actual birthday and I went to Red Lobster with my mom. I chose Red Lobster because I always crave their coconut shrimp and biscuits! Yum! My mom slept over so I got to go out with my friends again, we were supposed to go see Simian Mobile Disco but ended up at El Dorado. As soon as we walked in I ran into my old bud Nick and he pointed out the nail art going on. I walked straight to her and this girl had samples of her work. AMAZING stuff! I have always wanted to get my nails done in a really cool way like this. While I was getting my nails done, there was a girl playing the best music. Funk, soul and hip hop classics! I had met the girl who did my nails about 5 years ago on my birthday too! We have a lot friends in common and she's the coolest chick! It was the perfect evening. I wish I had more pictures to share.. Maybe I will get some from friends later.. here are a few of my fab weekend! xo  

I loved the time we spent at dinner. We laughed and laughed the whole time. I love my friends!

This is what was delivered from Raoul. (in Belgium at the time) Sweetest thing ever!! 
Its a flower arrangement that looks like a cake :)  
The crew at Red Lobster that sang happy birthday to me. They were sweet! 
My incredibly talented friend Valerie did my makeup and her and her wife bought me this dress as a birthday present. She did really good picking out this dress and my makeup! 
Jacqueline and I @ El Dorado, she did my nails and also has a music blog. You should check it!
The homie Nick and I, after so many years of knowing him we finally took a picture :)

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