Friday, November 5, 2010

Fafi in Mexico update

In my previous post, Dia De Los Muertos, i wrote a bit about Fafi. Well, here is the pictures of the new painting in Mexico, it is another tribute to Dia De Los Muertos. These pictures were taken 2 days ago. I think I might have to post soon with better pictures of the finished product. For now, this is what I have. The dude next to her in the second picture is Busy P. A friend of hers.

pictures were taken from

Here are more pictures of the master at work ;)

finished product..

last 4 pictures found on here :)

If you're a Fafi art fan, you may know she's married to Dj Mehdi.
I saw him perform this year in Miami, he was pretty dope! Fafi sang in one of his songs,
I like it, she has a nice voice :)

and since I mentioned Busy P, pictured above, here is one of his songs.
enjoy the freaky video!

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